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Ming Pei

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Ming Pei (裴 茗)

Age: 800+

Pei Ming, titled as General Ming Guang, is the protector deity and Martial God of the north with nine thousand temples dedicated to his palace. He is known for his love for women, no matter God, Ghost or Human. He is one of the Four Famous Tales: "The General Who Broke His Sword," as well as a member of the The Three Tumors.

He is a well known womanizer and flirt among the three realms. However, he dislikes strong-willed and forceful women like Xuan Ji. In addition, it's stated that Pei Ming is overall hard to describe when it came to women. While he loves them and is shown to treat them with tender and protective care, never to foster false hopes or play with feelings, he also possesses quite traditional expectations of women like cooking skills, although they are arguably common views for the time. He was also frequently embarrassed by having to be saved by the Rain Master multiple times due to their history of when they were mortals, even refusing her offer of borrowing her sword because of it. Pei Ming is a man who takes great arrogance and pride in his power and success. Thus, he tends to be insensitive and look down on others, for example telling Xie Lian to ask about Hua Cheng's background despite it being rude to ask about a demon king's history. He's quite stubborn and confident which doesn't make him easily frightened. He almost always keeps his composure even when faced with exceedingly dangerous situations such as the fight against Jun Wu. He has a protective nature as well despite his opinions on people, shielding his comrades without hesitation on Tonglu Mountain.

Despite his vanity, he's a humorous and laid back person, willing to cooperate even with people like Hua Cheng. He's quite suspicious of Xie Lian in the beginning too, although he gradually warms up to him and becomes allies with him as well. He's even supportive of his and Hua Cheng's romantic relationship. Pei Ming is an honest person, forthright and genuine in the way he speaks and acts. He never denounced any affairs he had or pretended they never happened. He's known to remember the women he has a past with and everyone who he indeed had an affair with would be guaranteed a life of wealth and care. Hua Cheng himself stated that Pei Ming wasn't a shady man. His earnesty is also reflected in the way he fights, as he stated he doesn't do ambushes or sneak attacks and refused Xuan Ji's offer of betraying her nation for him.

(Source: Heaven Official's Blessing Wiki)

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