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Chapel the Evergreen

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Chapel the Evergreen
Chapel the Evergreen is part of the "Eye of Michael," an organization of assassins founded by a church that worships Plants. They provide Knives with mercenaries, with three slots of the Gung-Ho Guns reserved for the Eye of Michael's best. Chapel, also known as "Master C," is shot and left as a paraplegic by Wolfwood, who impersonates Chapel. He is only middle aged, but the modifications on his body, which grants him enhanced strength and reflexes, and allows him to heal at a very fast rate, have aged him considerably. Though in a wheelchair, he still wields a large cross-shaped machine gun with four spiked ends at the base of the cross. Wolfwood kills Chapel with an immense head butt, cracking his skull and breaking his neck.

The anime features Chapel the Evergreen as Wolfwood's direct mentor. He carries the parent version of Wolfwood's Cross Punisher, though Chapel's splits into twin machine guns. He cares for Nicholas after Nicholas kills his abusive guardian. He dresses in dark green and has red goggles grafted to his face. He is killed by Knives after an unsuccessful attempt to kill Legato for taking control of him and forcing him to kill Wolfwood.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Suzuoki, Hirotaka
Woren, Dan
Rouzier, Gérard
Fernandes, Élcio Romar