Kurena "Gunslinger" Kukumila

Kurena Kukumila

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Kurena Kukumila (クレナ・ククミラ)

Kurena is one of the members of Spearhead Squadron. Her codename is Gunslinger. An elite Processor, she has four years of experience on the Eastern Battlefront. She is one of the best sharpshooters in the squadron, perhaps only second to Shin.

She harbors an intense hatred for Albas because of the murder of her parents at the hands of Republican Alba soldiers. Kurena's contempt causes her to speak harshly towards Lena, who Kurena thinks is pretentious and self-righteous. She tries to avoid Lena as much as possible.

Kurena admires Shin for bearing the burden of carrying the names and memories of his dead comrades with him. She resolves to help him carry his burden. In order to do so, she sharpens her shooting skills to be able to perform the same duties as Shin.

Kurena's admiration for Shin has developed into affection, a topic her squadron often uses to tease her. The feelings are not mutual, since Shin has grown to view her as a little sister. Despite this, she is persistent in trying to help him and gain his attention.

(Source: 86 - Eighty Six - Wiki)

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