Shunsuke Akagi

Shunsuke Akagi

Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai-Guard
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Shunsuke Akagi (赤木駿介)
Headstrong, idealistic and impulsive, 25-year-old Akagi can be seen as the heart and brawn of the three Dai-Guard pilots. Beforehand, he was merely an office worker for the 21st Century Defense Corporation, but he manages to achieve his dreams of becoming a giant robot pilot. During the return of the Heterodyne, he and his two coworkers Ibuki and Aoyama become the pilots of Dai-Guard. Akagi loves his job a little too much and sticks out among his fellow workers as the most enthusiastic one. However, he is usually at odds with the bureaucratic methods of his company and his superiors. Akagi always has the best intentions, even though they usually get him into trouble.

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Voice Actors
Itou, Kentarou
Hood, Joey
Baldini, Nanni
De Porrata, Nacho