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Rushia Uruha

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Rushia Uruha (潤羽 るしあ)

Uruha Rushia was a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by Hololive from July 18, 2019, up until her termination on February 24, 2022, as part of the Third Generation of the Hololive JP branch "Hololive Fantasy" (ホロライブファンタジー)

Debut date: July 18, 2019
Termination date: February 24, 2022
Birthday: January 22nd
Height: 143 cm
Fanbase name: Fandead
Illustrator: Yasuyuki

Hel-rushi! This is Uruha Rushia!

A necromancer from the Demonic-Realm Academy who is not good at communicating with people. She does not want to be alone, however, which is why she talks to the spirits and the damned.

(Source: Hololive Wiki)

Voice Actors
Uruha, Rushia