Miko "Miko-chi, Virtual Elite Miko" Sakura

Miko Sakura

Miko no Tsutome!
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PekoMiko Daisensou!!
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My Name Is Elite☆
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Maiodore! Maimai Time
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Girigiri Warukunai Watame
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Mosh Race
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Shiny Smily Story
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Miko Sakura (さくらみこ)

Debut date: August 1, 2018
Birthday: March 5th
Height: 152 cm
Fanbase name: 35P
Illustrator: kuromaru9

"Nya-hello! It's Sakura Miko!"

Sakura Miko is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by Hololive.

She has been working on religious services really hard as a miko in the computer world. With the revelation of the gods, she is now visiting Japan. While performing her errand, she has now decided to become and work hard as a virtual miko idol.

(Source: Hololive Wiki)

Voice Actors
Sakura, Miko