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Lucrecia Crescent (ルクレツィア・クレシェント)
Lucrecia is a female scientist who worked on the Jenova Project, alongside Professor Hojo and Professor Gast.
She was Vincent’s love interest as well as Sephiroth's biological mother. Lucrecia is estimated to have been born around 60 years before the events of the game. She worked as a Class A biotechnologist for the Shinra Electric Power Company under the direction of Grimoire Valentine, Vincent Valentine's father. Her thesis on Omega and Chaos had suffered much criticism and she was anxious to prove her colleagues wrong. During one of her investigations she happened upon the suspected location of the dormant Chaos. While performing an experiment with the recovered materials found at Chaos's resting place, an incident occurred which claimed Grimoire's life. This tragedy continued to haunt Lucrecia from hence forth and prohibited her from returning Vincent's affections out of guilt for causing his father's death. Out of desperation, she turned to her superior, Professor Hojo, and agreed to conceive a child for the Jenova Project.

During the events before Final Fantasy VII, Lucrecia was assigned as an assistant to Professor Faremis Gast alongside Professor Hojo in the town of Nibelheim. They were to investigate the excavated specimen (later known as Jenova) from the Northern Crater which was suspected to be an Ancient (Cetra). Upon analysis they falsely believed it to be a Cetra and attempted to extract its cellular DNA in order to artificially produce soldiers with the Cetra's abilities. She used her unborn child as the subject of the Jenova Project's first in vivo experiment despite objections from Vincent Valentine. During pregnancy, Lucrecia began receiving visions of the horrors her unborn son would commit, and in an untimely encounter, discovered Vincent shot by Hojo. Fearing for his life, Lucrecia exposed him to the stagnated mako, causing the being known as Chaos to be absorbed into his body. Though his life was saved, he was left in a feral madness. Disgusted with all that she had done to those she cared about and the changes Jenova's cells had wrought in her own body, she attempted to kill herself. However, she was unable to easily die because of the presence of Jenova's cells in her body, and, thus, she isolated herself in a cave and trapped herself within mako crystals. During the events of Final Fantasy VII, she is discovered by Vincent and the others, and she asks if Sephiroth had died yet. Vincent, hoping to help her rest in peace, tells her that he had. This is true, however, he does not tell her that Sephiroth is imposing his will on the world from death.

During the events of Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent's past is revealed including his relationship to Lucrecia. Throughout the game, Lucrecia's resting form comes to Vincent, echoing "I'm so sorry." despite Vincent being uncertain as to why she is apologizing. More forms of Lucrecia come through the new character Shelke, whom downloaded the doctor's personality fragments into herself in order to track Vincent and the Protomateria. In conclusion, Lucrecia explains she is sorry for making so many mistakes and hurting Vincent, though is happy that he survived.

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