Michael Sunnyside

Michael Sunnyside

Sakura Taisen: New York
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Michael Sunnyside (マイケル・サニーサイド)
Place of Origin: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Birthdate: October 18, 1893
Age: 34
Height: 188 cm (6'2")
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood Type: B

The wealthiest man in New York, Sunnyside (his first name is never spoken in the game) owns the Little Lip Theatre and acts as the commander and financier of the New York Fighting Troupe (effectively combining the roles that General Yoneda and Count Hanakōji served in the first two games). Outwardly a flamboyant showman, he is actually a shrewd manipulator using this to either get what's necessary for the situation or to entice a certain reaction from someone. Either way, he only uses this side of him for the greater good. Sunnyside also acts as a caretaker to Diana Caprice, who calls him "Uncle Sunnyside".

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Voice Actors
Uchida, Naoya