Raiden "Wehrwolf" Shuga

Raiden Shuga

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Raiden Shuga (ライデン・シュガ)

Raiden Shuga is the vice-commander of Spearhead Squadron, holding the rank of First Lieutenant. He is an elite Processor with 4 years of experience and holds the personal codename Wehrwolf. Having spent three years with Shin prior to joining Spearhead Squadron, Raiden is the closest to Shin out of the all members of the squadron.

An imposing character with his height and strength, Raiden is an effective leader. However, he often plays a supporting role to Shin and Theo in combat since he recognizes that he cannot match the offensive piloting techniques of these two. Instead, he protects the flanks of the two while they attack. Raiden has close bonds with his squadron members, especially Shin, and is willing to go as far as to disobey orders to protect the lives of his friends. He is regarded as an older brother figure to the other members of Spearhead. Lena observes that he is somewhat foul-mouthed.

Raiden is a good cook, often making the meals for Spearhead Squadron. He is also able to sew, having learned along with Shin in order to be able to mend his clothes.

(Source: 86 - Eighty Six - Wiki)

Voice Actors
Yamashita, Seiichirou
Scott, Jonah
Larmande, Adrien
Botta, Duio
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Navarro, Luis
Linnenbröker, Jörn