Theoto "Laughing Fox" Rikka

Theoto Rikka

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Theoto Rikka (セオト・リッカ)

Theoto Rikka is a Processor of the Spearhead Squadron. He is described as guileless and brutally honest in his thoughts. His personal codename is Laughing Fox.

Sarcastic and blunt in his words and humor, Theo also has difficulty restraining himself from speaking his mind. This is most evident in his tirade against Lena in Volume 1.

He holds a grudge against most Alba but is willing to accept that there are some honorable ones due to a past experience in his first squadron, in which his Alba squadron leader refused to retreat to allow the rest of his Colorata comrades to escape. The dying squadron leader's final words to Theo had a profound impact and Theo adopted the leader's Personal Mark of a laughing fox.

Theo keeps a sketchbook that he often draws in.

(Source: 86 - Eighty Six - Wiki)

Voice Actors
Fujiwara, Natsumi
Mongillo, Casey
Ratsito, Enzo
Caliano, Mattheus
Portuguese (BR)
Rodríguez Ramírez, Ángel Iván