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Courier (運び屋)


Courier transports things as requested in exchange for money. He transports illicit and contraband items such as bombs, drugs, etc. to locations as requested by dubious figures (i.e., gang members, etc.). Due to this, he is wanted by the new Kansai government in Chicago.


The Courier has confidence in his work and is somewhat of a workaholic. He doesn't speak often, but when he does, he has the right words for the situation. He tends to keep quiet in any given situation, he only responds to things if needed or wanted. He tries to keep things with people around him as a part of work purposes only and rather keeps it professional. Courier appears to be not social with others and is mostly seen to be alone and lighting a cigarette.


Courier is mostly displayed with a serious or nonchalant expression, which adds charisma to his mysterious and quiet character. Courier appears to be a tall figure with fair skin tone and mostly displays a serious or blank face. He has his hair swept to the left side and keeps his hair at neck length. He wears a grey hoodie underneath a black leather jacket, black jeans and black boots, in addition with silver thigh strap/belt with a leg bag at the back and his right hand appears to be a cybernetic prosthetic hand.


Courier has a genius driving sense, and is gifted with weapons. He owns a futuristic revolver with a barrel shroud which he carries in his jacket. Although Courier can defend himself in hand to hand combat, he is not much of a hand to hand brawler, so he prefers to fight from a distance with weapons or not get involved at all unless absolutely necessary. He is also good at evading hand to hand attacks from less skilled opponents such as Execution Division Apprentice, but has difficulty evading someone more skilled in hand to hand combat.

(Source: Akudama Drive Wiki)

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