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Vallewida (ヴァルイーダ)
A former soldier, Vallewida is a strange character who apparently has more than one personality, and seems unusually remorseful and resigned to his imprisonment. He also apparently suffers from amnesia, and cannot even remember the crime that sent him to prison. He is regularly raped and abused by both Durer and Bollanet.

His "default," or usual, personality is extremely passive. In this mode, he appears to be a highly intellectual and religious person who spends much time reading in his cell. While in this state, he tends to be extremely friendly and polite, and often treats Guys in a sympathetic (and loving) manner.

During certain circumstances, Vallewida goes into what Guys refers to as his "ghost mode." In this state, he is almost catatonic, and does not seem to be aware of where or who he is. He usually enters this state during and after being sexually abused and tortured by Durer or Bollanet. In this state, he is uncommunicative and highly masochistic, and does not resist Durer or Bollanet's treatment. While in this state, he sometimes speaks as if still in the army (post-traumatic stress).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Habuki, Risato