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Anaak Jahad (아낙 자하드 / アナク・ザハード)

Anak Jahad Jr. (아낙 자하드 Jr., Ahnahk Jahhahd Junior; or "Anak Jahad Jr.") is one of Jahad's Princesses, and the daughter of the real Anak Jahad who was impregnated by her lover and ran into hiding. Though she is only a demi-Princess because of her diluted Jahad's blood, she used to possess two of the 13 Month Series at one point; something only a few Princesses have accomplished. She is climbing the Tower for revenge.

(Source: Tower of God Wiki)

Voice Actors
Sekine, Akira
Leigh, Cherami
González, Desireé
Almeida, Marcella
Portuguese (BR)