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M16A1 (エムいちろく)

As the most experienced member of AR Team, M16A1 had the best understanding of each member of the team, above AR M4A1 herself. Despite her somewhat breakneck behavior,M16A1 was considered to be the most levelheaded T-Doll in AR Team, claiming that only results separated bravery from foolishness. According to RO635, M16A1's eyes sometimes looked like someone's who had drowned in their own thirst for vengeance, like those of AR M4A1.

She served as a mentor and tactical instructor to the other members of the team and especially cared about M4A1, protecting her and going as far as saying she was better off not being on a battlefield. She considered having emotions was an important distinction between T-Dolls and mindless killing machines like those employed by standing armies, and encouraged AR M4 SOPMOD II to exploit her impulsivity rather than fight and suffer from it. She also knew many secrets about M4A1, AR Team and Sangvis Ferri, though she kept them to herself. She also refused to explain what was inside her equipment case, only defining it as “nothing good”. She also calls her eyepatch a memento. While AR HK416 considered her a rival, M16A1 showed no concern for her and may even have pitied her, but she was hostile against fellow Butterfly Incident participant SMG UMP45.

M16A1 is described as a siscon toward M4A1 in her profile from The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1.

(Source: iopwiki.com)

Voice Actors
Yamane, Nozomi
Rojas, Michelle