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Rena Minami (水波 レナ)

An awkward magical girl who can't express her feelings honestly. Because she usually hides her lack of confidence in her willful attitude, those who don't know her well tend to misunderstand her. Despite her blunt manner, her taste in food is childishly sweet. Her hobby is chasing female idols.

Before her contract with Kyubey, Rena was ostracized by her peers for her standoffish attitude. In reality, this was just a small part of a vicious cycle in which Rena, having faced bullying in the past, guards herself from potential harm and ends up acting vitriolic towards potential friends. With such a nasty reputation, Rena found herself spending her days alone in school and watching charismatic and lovable idols at home.

When Rena made her wish, she did it in hopes of becoming a better person. In reality, this manifested as a power to change her appearance - useful for disguises, and hiding from her classmates, but not the internal alterations that she wanted. Rena came to hate herself even more.

It wasn't long into her magical girl duties before Rena met Momoko Togame, an elder magical girl, at an idol show. Through battling the same Witch at said concert, the two garnered a mutual friendship. Because of her laid back and understanding nature, the sisterly Momoko was just the friend Rena needed to make the days a little easier.

When she introduced Rena to Kaede, a meek and equally lonely magical girl, Rena got possessive of Momoko, fearing her desirability beside the gentle and likable Kaede Akino. Despite her efforts to drive the girl back, a part of Rena hated her behavior, and decided to isolate herself from Momoko and Kaede.

Kaede, it turns out, is far more understanding of Rena than initially thought, as is Momoko. They see through her actions, ignoring the nastiness put forward and instead recognizing the behavior underlying them. Rena realized she had found loyal friends who truly empathize with her.

Since then Rena has tried to be better. It's difficult for her to kick habits and kneejerk reactions that have until now protected her from potential bullying. She also fights with Kaede a lot, normally over misunderstandings and slips of the tongue. The two never stay apart for long, however, and after an incident very nearly took Kaede away forever, the two have since gained a deeper understanding of their affections for one another.

Rena is now a steadfast friend and ally of those affiliated with Momoko's team.

(Source: Magia Record Wiki)

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Mendez, Erica
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