Ken "Draken, Ken-chin, Kenny" Ryuuguuji

Ken Ryuuguuji

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Ken Ryuuguuji (龍宮寺 堅)

Age: 15 (past) 27 (present)
Birthdate: May 10, 1990
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: O
Affiliation: Tokyo Manji Gang
Position: Vice-president (founding member)

Draken is one of the main characters from Tokyo Revengers. He is one of Mikey's closest confidants and friends, since he is also Toman's vice-captain. Draken often seems to represent the role of the moral part of the duo, since he appears very conscientious. For example, he later tries to persuade Kazutora to reconcile with Mikey and prevent the war between Valhalla and Toman. Draken has tremendous fighting power and is probably Toman's strongest fighter after Mikey. He loves to work on motorcycles and dreams of running his own motorcycle (repair) store later on. Since Draken doesn't seem to have a family, he lives in Shibuya in a building where women do favors for money. He has a room there and was also more or less raised by the owner, even though this seems quite unusual. He has nothing to do with the business there per se, but simply lives there and also knows all the women who work there personally.

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Voice Actors
Suzuki, Tatsuhisa
Chiplock, Sean
Matthys, Nicolas
Ruiz, Víctor
Tennstedt, Julian
Ishigami, Shizuka
Fukunishi, Masaya
Zanandrea, Federico
Linhares, Bruno
Portuguese (BR)
Teixeira, João Pedro
Portuguese (BR)
Garrido, Salvi