White Queen "Innocent, Overlord"

White Queen

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White Queen (白の女王)

Height: 160 cm (5'2")
Age: 17-18 (Physically)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Dominion
Species: Spirit
Angel: Lucifugus (狂々帝, Kyōkyōtei, lit. Lunatic Emperor)
Weapon: Astronomical Clock, Saber, Gun
Astral Dress: Unknown
Hobbies: Ruling her Dominion, waging wars with other Dominions, committing spiritcide, killing and torturing other Kurumi's clones, conquesting other worlds.
Dislikes: Kurumi Tokisaki
Allies: Bishop, Rook and Knight
Enemies: Kurumi Tokisaki
Rank: SS-Class threat
Famous quote: "You think you can kill me? That’s utterly amusing."
List of the bullets:

Aries Bullet [Taleh]: Effects Unknown.

Taurus Bullet [Shor]: Effects Unknown.

Gemini Bullet [Teomim]: Effects Unknown.

Cancer Bullet [Sartan]: Warps spacetime in order to protect the user or assault the enemy.

Leo Bullet [Arie]: 'Eats' space, consuming in the same way [Yud Aleph] eats time.

Virgo Bullet [Betulah]: Create a crack in space and allow a person to travel between places.

Libra Bullet [Moznaim]: Rules over space and can reverse cause and effect within that space.

Scorpio Bullet [Akrab]: Puts the user's symbol on the target and turn the target into a rook under their control.

Sagittarius Bullet [Kashat]: Effects Unknown

Capricorn Bullet [G'di]: Effects Unknown

Aquarius Bullet [D'li]: Heals the target completely.

Pisces Bullet [Dagim]: Effects Unknown

White Queen wears a white military dress decorated with epaulettes, and a white admiral's cap with an emblem similar to that of a rising sun on the front of it. In the middle of the emblem is a clock face. She also wears white gloves and white, heeled boots. She has long white hair usually tied in symmetrical twin tails. Her right eye is red-tinted while her left eye appears as a blue clock face. She is stated to look identical to Kurumi, aside from the obvious colour scheme differences.

Rather than a battle maniac, the White Queen is a strategist. She performed infiltration, acts of terrorism, and experiments to change Empty into monsters to strengthen her army. She also captured and tortured Cistus to study and exploit Zaphkiel's power. The White Queen is also callous, aggressive and intelligent. These traits combined together make for a formidable opponent, and this was acknowledged by the other Dominions. She has immense power, and all the tools at her disposal to back it up. She is considered and careful when planning attacks and engaging in battle, and will sacrifice her own soldiers when needed to ensure a victory. She also has the capacity to forward plan, and is uninhibited by taboos in the Neighboring World, one of these including encroaching on other Regions. The White Queen is goal-oriented and believes that her goal is far more important than the lives of her enemies and allies, as shown by how readily she sacrifices her own troops.

(Source: DAL Wik, Villains Wiki, Amino)

Voice Actors
Oonishi, Saori
Doang, Geneviève
Dubuc, Leonie
Harris, Jill