Seron "Seron" Maxwell

Seron Maxwell


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Hitotsu no Tairiku no Monogatari: Allison to Will to Lillia to Treize to Meg to Seron to Sono Hoka
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Seron Maxwell (セロン・マクスウェル)
15 year old dark-haired, gray-eyed son of Karen Maxwell, a highly successful business magnate (of Maxwell Frozen Food fame). He has a younger sister named Liina.

He boards at the school dormitory because his residence is situated very far away from the capital. He is very bookish and diligent, and is skilled at everything except singing. He is also quite popular with girls (despite his default stoic look and quiet air) though he's turned down every single one.

He falls in love at first sight with Meg, whom he first sees in art class. When he is around her, his behavior becomes comically robotic (he keeps an impassive look while spazzing).

Seron is first mentioned by name in Lillia and Treize 4, and appears at the end of Lillia and Treize 5 as Meg's unnamed seatmate. In Allison and Lillia, he appears in the last episode.

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