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Un-ou (アンオウ)

Un-ou (Japanese/Sanskrit, 吽王, one of the two Buddhist Deva Kings) - GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 14, partner to A-ou. Special ability: "Amazing".

A mostly cynical and impulsive person, Un-ou enjoys the danger that comes with his job. He and A-ou were formerly mercenaries who were constantly at odds with Eclair and Lumiere. Hardened by his past as a mercenary, Un-ou doesn't seem to agree with the values held by the GOTT, but merely as an outlet from their past rivalries with Eclair and Lumiere. His relationship with Eclair is especially competitive. Un-ou's "Amazing" ability allows him to listen to the various life energies which allow them to track down their enemies. (Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Vári, Attila
Schwarz-Msesilamba, Asad
Myron, John