Cyan "Sun Sun" Sung-Sun

Cyan Sung-Sun

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Bleach Unmasked Short Stories
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Cyan Sung-Sun (シアン・スンスン)
Arrancar 56 Cyan Sung-Sun is one of Tier Halibel's Fracción. In her early life, she was a snake-like Adjuchas who was a part of Halibel's team alongside Franceska Mila Rose. She was present when Emilou Apacci was introduced to them. Sometime after Halibel's audience with Baraggan, she and the others tried to help Halibel when her base was attacked by a Hammerhead Arrancar only for them to be saved by Aizen.

Her Zanpakutō is Anaconda which resemble a sai that is concealed in Emilou's sleeve. When released, Emilou resembles a Nāga. Combined with the powers of Emilou and Franceska, Cyan can perform the Quimera Parca where their left arms can combine to form the chimeric Hollow Ayon who manages to defeat most of the lieutenants.

Voice Actors
Sena, Ayumi
Strassman, Karen