Thistle "Sissel, The Mad Sorcerer, The Lunatic Magician"


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Thistle (シスル)

Age: Unknown, at least more than 1000 years old
Birthday: February 21
Birthplace: Northern Central Continent
Height: 130cm 4'3"
BMI: 17

The mage responsible for the creation of the dungeon on The Island.

Thistle is considered irrational and not one for reasonable conversation. He appears single-minded in his devotion to King Delgal and the Golden Country.

He has a habit of self-inflicting injuries whenever he is frustrated. He has scratched his head to the point of bleeding and frequently chews at the tip of his thumb.

As the lord of the dungeon, Thistle has a great amount of power over both the structure of the dungeon and the monsters that inhabit it. His lifespan has also been extended by the dungeon's power. He has altered the structure of the dungeon on multiple occasions, most often causing the dungeon to open a hole in the ground to both get rid of enemies as well as escape himself. For monsters he typically calls them to his aid or instructs them to act (for example, tasking the Red Dragon with finding King Delgal). He seems to be fond of using small dragons nicknamed 'the magician's eyes' to sense and alert him to changes in the dungeon.

The English translation, done by Yen Press, adapted his name to "Sissel". In the official Japanese manga, he is named "Thistle".

(Source: Delicious in Dungeon Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuu
Thomas, Rebeka
Granja, João Victor
Portuguese (BR)
Bollen, Benjamin
Zoppi, Ettore