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Maiko Yukino (雪野麻衣子)

Anime/Manga Season 1:
Reiji's childhood friend. She is always pushing or blackmailing Reiji to do things with her. She is tough and dislikes being patronized, often striving to prove herself as an equal to her comrades. She has a crush on Reiji that she is probably unaware of, and often gets jealous when any other girl appears to be showing signs of affection toward Reiji.

Manga Season 2:
While searching for her "missing" brother, she was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds once more. She also helped Meguru to convince Takumi to gather all the Raikou-ou masters at Mt. Fuji to be transported to Rikyu. Although more composed and mature, she is still a tough, hardy character who cares about her brother and is unafraid to say her piece.

Voice Actors
Sasamoto, Yuuko
Irvin, Brittney
Kim, Seon Hye