Tsurugi no Otome "Sword Maiden"

Tsurugi no Otome

Goblin Slayer
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Goblin Slayer
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Goblin Slayer
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Tsurugi no Otome (剣の乙女)
Tsurugi no Otome is a former gold-ranked adventurer who currently serves as the Temple of Law's Archbishop of the Supreme God. She is an extremely beautiful woman whose eyes are often covered with a blindfold. Her body is covered in several faint scars that have all mostly healed. Her eyes, which she keeps behind a blindfold, were less so.

Tsurugi no Otome is a calm and serene person who doesn't normally get upset with others.

(Source: Goblin Slayer Wiki)

Voice Actors
Endou, Aya
Mcclain, Meg