Paeto Ou

Heroic Age
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Paeto Ou (パエトー・オー)

A member of the Silver Tribe, who has been tasked with destroying the Argonaut. Like Dianeira, he has been shown to be able to create spiritual projections of himself, but in a far more powerful form that can project shields, and attack with short-range tentacle-spades. Later, after his starship is destroyed by Bellcross, Peato is shown to be able to survive in hard vacuum unaided for an extended period of time. He can also create another starship in space from nothingness in minutes.

After an encounter with Dhianeila, Paeto Ou becomes agitated and emotional, even after Prome Ou absorbs those emotions. His pursuit of the Argonaut eventually borders on obsession, even going so far as to openly lash out in anger at Prome Ou when she attempts to stop his pursuit. However, even Paeto Ou is taken aback by Rom Ror's true motivations for wanting the Iron tribe destroyed, and tries to help the nodos stop Rom's mad schemes.

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Voice Actors
Fujita, Yoshinori
McCollum, Robert