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Wrath (ラース / 笹島 京也)

Wrath, formerly known as Kyouya Sasajima, is one of the student reincarnations. After reincarnating, he found himself reborn as a goblin in a goblin village. He has the special Weapon Creation skill that caused his village to come under Buirimus's attention. He is currently the leader of the 8th Demon Army Corps. In the factional split among the demon army, he supports the Demon Lord.

On Earth, Kyouya was a self-righteous, kind high school boy who could not stand bullies, often standing up to them for his own view of what is "right," even if it resulted in violence. He was nicknamed "little ogre" by his peers in junior-high due to his constant use of violence and small stature. In high-school he was able to endure minor bullying of others and become friends with Shunsuke and Kanata, often playing games with them together. After being reincarnated as a goblin, he was getting comfortable with his new life when disaster struck and he went through many hardships, to the point that his personality and worldview completely changed.

(Source: Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Wiki, Official Site)

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