Garaga "Thunder"


Zoids Genesis
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After his mountain hideout was destroyed by Major Zairin, he joins Ruuji to strike back against Digald. He often comes off simple-minded, but he is the strongest of the group. He often provides comic relief, especially when played against Mii's bossiness. He also acts like an older brother to Ruuji at times. Garaga is shown to be extremely loyal and is quick to support his comrades. With the success of the Suppression Army, Garaga rises among the ranks. He ends up leading one of the divisions of the army (Offence, Second Squadron). He pilots the Zoid "Deadly Kong". The Deadly Kong is a Zoid to be feared when in berserker mode. Whenever Garaga's anger reaches its threshold, Deadly Kong removes its bandaged arm to reveal a claw weapon that destroys anything in its path, including allies. Garaga claims that this berserker mode only ceases when either everything around is destroyed or his Reggel is depleted; the only known time the Deadly Kong powered down voluntarily is when Ruuji stepped right in front of its claw weapon.


Voice Actors
Miyake, Kenta