Aoi "Blue Angel, Skye" Zaizen

Aoi Zaizen

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Aoi Zaizen (財前 葵 / ブルーエンジェル)

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Relatives: Akira Zaizen (older step-brother)
Deck: Trickstar

She is Yusaku's classmate and the younger step-sister of Akira Zaizen. In LINK VRAINS, she is a popular Celebrity Duelist under the alias Blue Angel. When working with Ghost Gal, she goes under the alias of Blue Girl.
She is described as being very nice, polite, timid, and reserved on first sight. As a child, based on a picture of her, she is a shy girl, holding onto her mother. However, as a Celebrity Duelist, Skye becomes very active in LINK VRAINS. As Blue Angel, her personality is very bubbly, energetic and she is a smiling idol with a cheerful demeanor. She is very obedient to her older step-brother, Akira, but also wants to prove herself and is willing to show him that she can handle something on her own. She seems very distrustful of others, as she thinks most people only approach her for her connections to SOL Technologies.

(Source: Wiki)

Voice Actors
Nakashima, Yuki
del Giudice, Michelle
Portuguese (BR)