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Akane Mizuno (水野 茜)

Akane has loved to run ever since she was a child. When she joined middle school, she joined the track and field team and excels at sprints. Due to her father being transferred frequently she transferred into Kawagoe as a fifth grader. She lives in an apartment. She had a carefree and optimistic upbringing with her hilarious father, her cheerful mother, and her older sister who has two years on her. She is diligent at her core, so she is studious and has excellent grades. Akane can be a bit of a braggart, but she actually desperately tries to read the atmosphere at school. Akane is prone to anxiety and so she uses "imo," a mascot character, as a good luck charm for relaxing.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kohara, Konomi
Yu, Apphia