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Geryuganshoop (ゲリュガンシュプ)
Race: Alien
Abilities: Psychokinesis
Level: Dragon
Affiliation: Dark Matter Thieves
Debut: Chapter 32/Episode 11

Geryuganshoop was one of the Alien Invaders who attacked A-City.

Geryuganshoop is an alien with a face that consists of nothing more than three holes, two being eyes and one being a mouth. Its body is entirely black with little to no detail. It has no arms or legs, but rather a multitude of tentacle-like appendages. In anime, he appears to possess blue body covered with translucent skin, which turns rainbow-colored in fight.

(Source: One-Punch Man Wikia)

Voice Actors
Beacock, Brian
Pascal, Benjamin
Gotou, Hiroki

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