The Omegaman

The Omegaman

Kinnikuman: Kinnikusei Oui Soudatsu-hen
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The Omegaman (ジ・オメガマン)
Classification: Perfect Chojin
Homeland: Omega Centauri
Age: Unknown
Height: 231 cm
Weight: 208 kg
Chojin Kyodo: 86,000,000 Power
Favorite Techniques: Omega Metamorphosis, Omega Catastrophe Drop

The Omegaman is a fictional character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman. He was likely named after the movie The Omega Man. He was voiced by Ken Yamaguchi.

A Perfect Chojin bounty hunter for Chojin Enma who retrieved chojin who escaped from the Chojin Hakaba, including Screw Kid, Junkman, Atlantis, Sunshine and Sneagator. During the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne, he was involved in another such mission to retrieve Neptuneman.

(Source: Kinnikuman Wiki)

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Ken