Hime Shiratori

Hime Shiratori

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Hime Shiratori (白鳥 ひめ)
Age: 15
Blood type: AB
Birthday: February 26
Sign: Pisces
Favorite food: black tea and extremely spicy curry
Favorite brand: My Little Heart

Hime is famous for being in the idol group S4. As the top of the Flower Song Class she is known for her angelic singing voice, professional piano skills and being an"overwhelmingly idol-like idol". She has a sweet and tender personality. She is also a polite and elegant person. Hime is also described as an airy and gentle person, and sometimes shows a naturally absent-minded side of herself.

She has gathered her experience of performing arts since she was born, ranging from drama to modeling to dancing.

(Source: Aikatsu Stars! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tsuda, Minami
Endou, Ruka