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Bardo Rofure (バルド・ロフーレ)
Bardo is a well-known provision merchant that controls a considerable amount of the food trade within the walled city of E-Rantel. He is a big-bellied man who dresses elegantly due to his successful and extravagant life as a merchant. He is clean shaven, with black hair streaked with many strands of white hair due to his already ripe age.

He is a calculative and good-willing person, thus he is always seeking for more ways to increase his business. However, despite his ulterior motive for profit, he does have a genuine care about the safety of others, though that usually doesn't stop him from accepting a reward for a small deed of kindness and concern.

At E-Rantel, Bardo makes an acquaintance with Sebas Tian, the loyal butler of a visiting heiress from the Empire. Before the two visitor leaves E-Rantel, Bardo shares his concerns with Sebas Tian about their hired hand, Zach. He warns that Zach might have nefarious intentions and that he should be on his guard. He offers to recommend his mistress more competent bodyguards; however, Sebas declines twice his offer. Despite their disagreement about Zach's trustworthiness, the aged butler thanks the merchant for his consideration. For his trouble Sebas offers to recommend him to his mistress's father once they return to their homeland.

(Source: Overlord Wikia)

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