Managariastinockle "Managa" Lagu Edraikerius

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Managariastinockle Lagu Edraikerius (マナガリアスティノークル・ラグ・エデュライケリアス)
Managa is Matia's covenant spirit. He is described as big, wearing all black and eyes like a bear. When together with Matia, they look like father and daughter.

Managa is actually a gentle person. He is a three winged spirit, which is not natural, and his wings also look torn and battered. In the timeline of the White series, he looks younger and has six black wings colored in gold. As an old spirit, he and Corti had met, but when they meet again, they don't recognize each other because of their different forms. Managa is also the Black Beast which means he is meant to protect the black goddess.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kosugi, Juurouta