Adolfine Galland

Adolfine Galland


Strike Witches Zero: 1937 Fusou Kaijihen
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Adolfine Galland (アドルフィーネ・ガランド)
Birthdate: 19 March 1921
Height: 170 cm
Weapon: MG42
Striker Units: Messerscharf Bf 109E, Messerscharf Bf 109F-2 Special, Messerscharf Me 262-1a
Special Ability: Magic Eye

A witch from Karlsland. As General of the Witch Corps (three-star general) of the Karlsland Air Force, she is the witch with the highest rank worldwide. Her familiar appears to be something of the cat-lineage, but its origins are unknown.

Galland was born in Westerholt, located at the northwest of Karlsland, interposed between the Rhine and Weser rivers. When the conflict in Hispania that preceded the full-scale invasion of the Neuroi erupted, Adolfine participated on as a member of the Condor Legion sent from Karsland. But differently from what she expected, she fought exclusively in ground attacks. She accumulated real combat experience and framed detailed reports not only on battle techniques, but also regarding logistics such as supplying and maintenance.

Afterwards, she was sent to Fuso as an observing officer, but ended up participating in combat herself during the Fuso Sea Incident upon witnessing the fight between the flying-type Neurois and the new model Striker Units. After returning to her country, Adolfine put out an application for being transferred to the Air Forces. However having achieved countless military results in the ground attack ended up backfiring on her. Not giving up, she repeatedly requested a transfer, which eventually bore fruit with her transfer to the Jagdgeschwader 26 (JG26). After her promotion to Squadron Leader, she was appointed as commander of the JG26 fighter wing.

She later established the Jagdverband 44 (JV44), the first test unit of Jet Strikers under her direct command. Even after leaving the front lines, she still adheres to a hands-on approach, doing things like performing test flights herself or sortieing regardless of the fact that she already unable to deploy her magic shield. She receives a deep trust from the Karlsland Emperor Frederick IV and as a result was rapidly promoted to three-star rank and given permission to freely organize units for the sake of the recapture of Karlsland. Using her influence, she helped Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke reestablish the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in Romagna. She is known to speak her mind and make outlandish requests that even her high command cannot meet.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Adolf Galland.

(Source: Strike Witches Wiki)

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