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Yomiji (ヨミヂ)
He is naming himself "Yomiji", but he doesn't hide that it's not his real name. he said it can be written in any kanji that fit the pronunciation, also as "432", but he got ignored and was referred to simply in katakana the whole time.

Yomiji is claiming to be a "suicide planner", but saved 76 people from committing suicide instead by scaring them with a murderous intent. He likes to mention it often despite claiming that he was disappointed in them. He also saved and supported Durian, and later the Haina Hinamura and Yu Fuji couple too because he got interested how will their misunderstandings get resolved.

Nothing is known about Yomiji's past or true motif behind his actions, but it is known he has enough influence to threaten even serial killers if he wanted to. He talks to everyone on an official and polite manner with a fake smile all the time since he's intending to act friendly, but he hates when he gets treated in the same way himself, and thinks that a person's polite way of speaking often hides their true feelings towards himself, like a complete lack of respect to the person they're speaking to. He also likes joking in any situation, so others are always wondering if something he says should be taken seriously.

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