Denshichi "Tensaimaru" Kurokado

Denshichi Kurokado

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Denshichi Kurokado (黒門 伝七)
Age: 10
Class: Year 1, Class I
Committee: Etiquette Committee

A proud boy who's one of the best students even among the excellent students in class 1-I. As a result, he tends to look down on and antagonize the lower-achieving students in class 1-Ha. However, despite his grades and book smarts, he doesn't have much practical experience and often fails outside the classroom. Usually seen together with his best friend Sakichi.

In his first appearance in the anime he was introduced as a second-year student named Tensaimaru, but since his second appearance he's been reintroduced as a first year with his current name.

Voice Actors
Satou, Yuuko