Akino Isuzugawa

Akino Isuzugawa

Honoo no Haramase Paidol My★Star Gakuen Z The Animation
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Honoo no Haramase Paidol My★Star Gakuen Z
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Akino Isuzugawa (五十鈴川 秋乃)
Birthday: October 1
Height: 157 cm
BWH: 115-58-88
Cup Size: P cup
Occupation: Enka Singer
Activities: Calligraphy Club
Likes: hard rock, rice
Hobbies: making song lyrics
Special skills: writing, Singing Enka
Flaws: not good at reading maps, doesn't get along with her father

Akino likes pancakes, pickles and Oden. She was born into a traditional Japanese household, with traditional Japanese parents, who sang Enka. Because of her father, she has the mindset of "When walking with a man, walk two steps behind him." She has serious and ladylike personality, and can add an "Enka" feel to any song she sings.

(Source: Official site, VNDB)

Voice Actors
Nakata, Junko