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I-19 (伊19)
I-19 wears a school swimsuit with a name tag on it. Other equipment includes a cannon on her right thigh and several torpedoes around her. She has long blue hair in triple-tails, secured with white ribbons and tiny ship parts. She also has red eyes with star-shaped pupils.

She is very often seen holding her torpedos in a way that it goes between her breasts.

She calls herself as "Iku." The "i" is a way to read the 1 in Japanese along with the "ku" as a way to read the 9.

In September 15, 1942, while patrolling the Solomon Islands, she spotted and fired a spread of 6 torpedoes at the carrier USS Wasp. 3 torpedeos hit the carrier, causing such heavy damage that she later needed to be scuttled. The other 3 torpedoes (by sheer luck) sunk the destroyer USS O'Brien and caused significant damage to the battleship USS North Carolina. As a result of this, she holds the record for the single most destructive torpedo spread fired by any submarine during World War II. She sunk via depth charges on November 25, 1943 by USS Radford.

She is a distant cousin of I-58, both were Type-B Submarines.

(Source: KanColle Wikia)

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