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Elhaym Van Houten


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Elhaym Van Houten (エレハイム・ヴァン・ホーテン)
Elhaym Van Houten, nicknamed Elly, is the young, skilled officer of the Solaris Military. Her parents are pure solarians. Her mother is a woman called Medena, and her father's name is Eric, who works on the Imperial Guard.

Elly was created by the Wave Existence out of Abel's need for a mother. Elly was leading an operation to steal a top-secret experiment gear from the rival country Kislev, but was forced to crash-land in Lahan. Her encounter with Fei changes her life forever. Elly is an optimist and wants to help Fei, despite the fact that he is a LAMB, and she cannot leave the military. She is a competent fighter with her rods, but she has powerful elemental ether, which makes her valuable to the party.

Elly has one issue that remains with her, despite her being a Solarian and the daughter of one of the Empire's most decorated officers, there is the fact of her appearance, being red-haired and blue-violet eyed somewhat separates her from other Solarians who are mostly blond and blue-eyed. For a time, she thought her mother was not the woman her father married, and had actually been her childhood nanny who was a Lamb. This fact of her life was a mark of ridicule by some people of Solaris, including Elly's former comrade in the Elements, Dominia.

(Source: Xenosaga Wikia)

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