Cyril "Desires, Sheryl, Yoku" Kamelot

Cyril Kamelot

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Cyril Kamelot (欲 (シェリル・キャメロット))

Cyril is the 4th Noah, representing "Desire" of the Noah. On the outside Tyki's older brother, and also Road and Wisely's adoptive father. His wife's name is Tricia Kamelot. He's very fond of Road, often commenting on her cuteness. His ability is controlling people's bodies.

He's also the minister of his country, he uses this position to manipulate diplomatic issues and create advantages for the Noah Family. He is very manipulative, elaborately feigning a failed assassination of himself in order to re-initiate war so the Millennium Earl can create more Akuma from the sorrows of the people.

(Source: D.Gray-man Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tobita, Nobuo