Mikiko "Mikki" Amane

Mikiko Amane

Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai.
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Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai. (ONA)
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Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai.
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Mikiko Amane (未 希子)

She is an energetic, friendly, and tomboyish girl who transfers to Nekota's school. From the beginning, she planned on not making any friends because she doesn't want to be hurt or hurt anyone from parting away from them because of her family constantly moving. But due to the interest in Nekota, she makes it her goal to be friends with him, unknowing that she'd make friends along the way.

She's naive and dense most of the time. She also can't read the atmosphere, so at times, it makes her seem inconsiderate and rude when she doesn't understand certain situations.

But even so, she's a really kind person at heart.

She's the only in her class to be able to see Nekota's face as a cat. And she decides to discover and figure out this mystery. Several times, she is able to see a very quick glimpse of his head. However, she's not able to see his human face yet.

She also has zero experience with romance. To her, love is complicated. She likes all her friends, but Nekota is special to her. Her like towards Nekota is different than the others. However, she's too dense to realize it. She likes him, romantically.

Voice Actors
Komatsu, Mikako