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Kaihime (甲斐姫)

Kai is a maiden raised since birth to be a warrior. Instilled with strict training from her clan, she secretly desires to live as a normal woman of her class. Wanting to protect her home and family, however, she fights with daring, masculine pride. Even with her skills, she isn't the most experienced or tact person on the field, which sparks occasional teasing from veterans. Her experiences in war somewhat matures her flippant tendencies over time, as she eventually values the responsibility of protecting something important to her.

Ujiyasu doesn't address her as a woman, unceremoniously calling her "boy" or "brat." While annoyed by his nicknames, she respects her master and his wishes to protect the common man. She addresses him as "great lord" (お館様, Oyakata-sama). To her, Kunoichi is the one person who she doesn't want to lose to in battle or in beauty. Since she also respects and admires Yukimura, she considers Kunoichi her rival and is insulted when she is compared to her. The shinobi's insults always makes her flustered and irritated. Even so, she will be kind to her when the situation calls for it and they eventually become good friends.

(Source: Koei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Suzuki, Masami
Green, Jennifer
Bette-Koch, Daniela