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D-Roy Linker (ディ・ロイ・リンカー)

Arrancar Dieciséis (16) in Sōsuke Aizen's army and one of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez' five Fracción.

What remains of his Hollow mask is a bulky helmet similar in shape to a hammerhead shark. The right-hand side of his mask is wrapped in bandages, which obscures his right eye (the bandages are meant to hide an injury given to him by Grimmjow when he was still an Adjuchas). When the bandages are unwrapped, there is a gash on the top of his mask. His right eye is identical to a normal Hollow eye; a white circle surrounded by black shadows. He has square, shark-like teeth (his oddly shaped teeth have been noted to give him a slight lisp). Di Roy is noted for carrying his Zanpakutō in his hands for much of his screentime. Di Roy's original Hollow form was that of a snake-like creature with a shark head matching the remnants of his mask.

During his battle with Rukia Kuchiki, he claims that his "true battlefield is in the sky," suggesting that he fights better in the air; however, most Arrancar seem to prefer this method of fighting. Di Roy is apparently weaker than his brethren (a direct result of Grimmjow eating part of him as an Adjuchas, thus halting his development early), to the point that Yylfordt Granz scornfully refers to him as an "Arrancar in name only." He apparently had to beg the rest of the group to allow him to partake in the invasion.

Voice Actors
Spencer, Spike
Kondou, Takashi
Kossuth, Gábor
Benoit, Francis
Viggiani, Rogério
Portuguese (BR)
Prata, Patrizio

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