Yiwu Liu

Yiwu Liu

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Terra Formars
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Yiwu Liu (劉 翊武)
Likes: every food very spicy or strong
Dislikes: keyboards with small "enter" keys
Skill: Kenpo
Hobbies: terrariums, raising coelacanths

Liu was born in a less-affluent area but despite this he entered the military after graduating at the top of his college class thanks to his hardworking attitude and connections. At the age of 24, he married the daughter of a high official and after his hard work in the army he was chosen for the Annex Project. He wonders why his wife wants to replace his current furniture with ones worth 100 times the price.

While he is ranked #44, this was just so he could be part of the Engineer division and also because the officers were decided before the ranks. He is truly among the strongest in the Annex 1 crew. Like every Chinese member, he faked his M.A.R.S Ranking. According to Mars File guidebook, if serious, he would have been #4.

Voice Actors
Hebert, Kyle
Komura, Tetsuo
Martin, Thomas Balou