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German Luis (ヘルマン・ルイス)

Germán Lewis is Leon's father and a Makai Knight who holds the title of Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight. Germán used to go by the name "Roberto". Before Leon was born, Germán and his wife, Anna, were imprisoned and tried for witchcraft in a campaign to hunt down Makai practitioners in the kingdom of Valiante. Germán escaped from his cell too late to save Anna, who had been scheduled for execution by burning at stake, but he arrived in time to save his son, who was born during the execution and was protected by his mother's magic. Germán raised the boy outside the kingdom, hunting Horrors and avoiding Valiante's military.

Germán displays a somewhat cocky, suave personality, and is a womanizer. However, he is also something of a deadbeat, once begging his son to lend him money (or, as he words it, "love") to pay for a prostitute who turned out to be the Horror they were tracking down. He regularly sleeps around with prostitutes and attempts to seduce women, defending the behavior by claiming he needs another son to one day inherit the Zoro title and armor, since Leon inherited the Garo armor from his mother. Despite his annoying antics and playboy mannerisms, he is actually very perceptive and bold, and will turn serious and properly get work done when the situation demands it. While he finds his son's bitter disposition irritating, often suffering physical abuse from the boy when his behavior as perceived as adding further insult to Anna's memory, he nonetheless tolerates it all out of love for Leon.

In battle, he wields two knives, which transform into large dagger-like weapons in his armored form. These blades are attached to Zoro's arms with chains, which are wound around reels on his wrists and can be extended and retracted. His armor is silver in color, and features an asymmetrical design and a tattered cape

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Horiuchi, Kenyuu
Wald, David