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Leon Luis (レオン・ルイス)

Age: 17

Leon is the holder of the title of Garo the Golden Knight in Garo: The Animation. Leon, the son of German Lewis, the Makai Knight known as Zoro, and Anna, a Makai Priestess, was born as his mother was burning at the stake for witchcraft. Only his mother's magic and German's hasty rescue and escape from the kingdom of Valiante saved him. Leon often has nightmares and visions about his mother's execution.

The constant traumatic visions of his mother cause Leon to grow up as a bitter, though mostly emotionless and deadpan young man. He is extremely disapproving of his father's womanizing ways, seeing it as an insult to his mother's memory, and will not hesitate to physically harm his father if he falls further out of line. Leon is quick to anger, highly distrustful of others, and largely naive about the world, making social interaction incredibly awkward at best for him. While he is indeed a kind-hearted soul, Leon is apathetic about his duties as a Makai Knight, merely using his abilities as a means to exact revenge for his mother's death rather than protect humankind from Horrors. He is also oblivious to the immense responsibility of being Garo and only sees the Garo armor as an heirloom of his mother.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Horii, Chisa
Fajardo, Ricco
Yu, Apphia