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Sheska (シエスカ)
Rhianna's perverted maid, who obsesses over Mikan. She is shown to be quite skillful at handwork but is basically worthless when it comes to household chores, primarily because of her unenthusiastic and laid-back attitude to work. She projects a gentle and graceful image but is often really tactless and unreserved whenever she speaks.

She is a lolicon and believes that Noriko is also like her, repeatedly pestering her to admit it. She had exhibited fondness to almost everyone in the main cast, but is generally obsessed with Mikan in particular. She created the photo collection "Weekly Mikan-chan" in both digital and printed versions, and keeps them in her secret room. All of her attempts at sexual harassment and voyeurism is always blocked by Noriko. She also dislikes "fake loli" and had started a rivalry with Miyako regarding the matter.

She is shown to be good at science, and has lately became interested in genetic engineering after obtaining a sample of Mikan's DNA. After Noriko wasted the said sample, she regressed into childhood because of the trauma. Thinking that Mikan was her mother, she stayed at her house for a while.

It is believed that Sheska is around 18-20 years old, although Sheska herself doesn't know.

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