Kotarou Fuuma

Nabari no Ou
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Kotarou Fuuma (風魔 小太郎)

Age: Unknown
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Shoe Size: 28 cm
Blood Type: Can't be distinguished
Likes: Tours, Mutton, Birds, Writing
Dislikes: Naive guys, Males, Playboys
Special Techniques: Forgetting to Mention , Evade, Hengejutsu, Nawajutsu

The leader of Fūma village, who has written almost all the texts regarding ninjutsu and the Shinrabanshō. He knows all about the world of Nabari and ninja techniques, with the exception of the kinjutsus of other villages. He loves women, as most of the residents of his village are female, and he claims that if he had the power of the Shinrabanshō, he would turn the Fūma village into a paradise where all the women of the world are in love with him. However, according to Raimei, he is lying ninety percent of the time. He has spies hidden within the other ninja villages. According to him, he was born on December 31 at exactly 23:59.

Voice Actors
Okiayu, Ryoutarou
Strait, Sonny
Iansante, Christian
Lee, Ju Chang
Siboulet, Philippe