Ming "Kan Mei, The Giant of Chu" Han

Ming Han

Kingdom 3rd Season
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Ming Han (汗明)

Kan Mei is a great general from the state of Chu, He is known by the epithet "The Giant of Chu".

Kanmei's first campaign was against Qi and he rampaged his way through all the numerous front lines in succession as the Chu state borders on that of Qi, Zhao, Wei, and Han. Roughly a hundred cities fell to him in his long years of service, during which he did not suffer a single loss. The only places where his name has yet to reach are the distant lands of Yan and Qin because Chu and Qin have not fought against each other in the last twenty to thirty years.

Kanmei rose quickly the military ranks in the state of Chu, thanks to his incredible strength. At some point in the past, ō Kotsu, one of the Six Great Generals of Qin, attempted to invade the state of Chu. Kanmei stood against him and, despite still being a young general at the time, managed to wound him with just one swing of his sword, forcing the great general to retreat hastily. Since then, Kanmei has fought against many formidable opponents and has come out victorious every time. For that reason, he has bestowed upon himself the title of "the strongest man in China".

Strength 99
Leadership 91
Knowledge 88

(Source: Kingdom Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Miou