Takahiro "Makki" Hanamaki

Takahiro Hanamaki

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Haikyuu!! Second Season
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Haikyuu!! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha
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Takahiro Hanamaki (花巻 貴大)
3rd Year Class 3
Position: Wing Spiker
Height: 184.7cm (6’1”)
Weight: 72.0kg
Birthday: 27th January
Favourite Food: Profiteroles
Current Concern: No matter how hard he tries, he can’t beat Iwaizumi at arm wrestling.
Ability Parameters:
Power: 4 | Jump: 3 | Stamina: 3 | Intellect: 4 | Technique: 3 | Speed: 2

Hanamaki is usually calm and collected. He can read the game situation quite well and doesn't talk much during games. But sometimes, especially with the third years, he can be pretty humorous and get along pretty well with the other team members.

(Source: Haikyuu!! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sakurai, Tooru
Ivy, Jack